Original Music, Traditional World Percussion,
and Ritual Performance Ensemble

Circle, Skin & Bone is an original music, percussive, and ritual performance ensemble lead by mz. imani. Her lead vocals and drumming guide the dynamic expression of CS&B's crisp polyrhythmic style.

mz. imani has been playing the drum since 1986, when she was inspired by the passion, spirit, and presence of Babatunde Olatunji. Since that time she has been the vehicle for many to find the drummer that lives within their soul. Working with traditional West African rhythms, along with original works, mz. imani and CS&B bring their own special magic to any group that wants to experience the pure joy of allowing their inner spirit to take voice.

Before discovering the drum, mz. imani was a professional massage therapist. Her interest in transformational healing has lead her on an exploration of the dynamic powers of the vital life force, music, drumming, ritual, and modern shamanism - as they relate to healing the human spirit.

mz. imani incorporates music, healing, and spirituality in her performance work as well. She co-founded, and was lead vocalist, for "Rhythm Alive!" -- A percussive performance ensemble. Currently mz. imani is the artistic director, songwriter, lead vocalist, and lead drummer of Circle, Skin & Bone.




Workshops (adult)

The Ritual of Drumming

Drumming From Your Soul

Women's Work

Daughters of the Divine

Drumming as a Spiritual Warrior

Drumming Straight Up

Recreating Your Personal Myth


Workshops (children)

"Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh My!"

Drumming From Your Soul


Lectures (adult)

The Healing Power of Music

Accessing the Rhythm of Spirit

Voice of Spirit...Body of Human

Ritual as a Tool for Defining Self

Ritual as a Tool for Defining Community

Creating Connections: Integrating Arts Across the Curriculum

Peace Matters


CS&B is also available for:

Private Celebrations & Gatherings

Fire Circle Facilitations

Owen White
is a bioinformatician (someone that analyzes DNA at the computer) who is currently working at one of the largest DNA sequencing facilities in the world. He has given many scientific presentations, been published extensively, and has many hobbies including welding, drum making, and chainsaw work. Owen is a founding member of CS&B.

Karen Berggren
is a writer, musician, and performer who delights in sharing the Good News on drums and through the dance. She has been involved in spirit work and mediumship since 1975, and shamanism since 1989. Her first book, Circle of Shaman: Healing through Ecstasy, Rhythm, and Myth was published by Inner Traditions in February 1998. For more info please stop by her website at: <

Black Hawk
is a djembe drummer known for her playful spirit, great stories and hot drumming! She performs traditional West African rhythms and original music with imani and CS&B, and teaches with The Heart of Drumming. She is also an extraordinary storyteller who shares inspirational stories from around the world.

Deborah Miller’s
talents include drumming, vocal harmony and movement. She performs and studies traditional West African drum and dance and enjoys playing organic rhythm. She is a healer who brings magic to the sacred circle. Deborah sings and drums with imani and CS&B and plays with The Heart of Drumming.

Susan Walenta Hunt
found the drum and rhythm to be a pivotal tool in her personal spiritual work. Making it available and accessible to those who seek it as a spiritual expression has become an important part of her current work with this instrument of transformation. The monthly drum circles Su hosts have been described as “vital to those who have found rhythm a significant vehicle in the development of the personal transcendent.” Su is also an award winning graphic artist. She founded New Expression Graphic Design, Inc. over 10 years ago. Visit New Expression's Website at: <

For more information about mz. imani, or Circle, Skin & Bone:

mz. imani 301-977-4547

Su Hunt 973-657-9696 <su@newexpression.com>

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