with Nadine Fiume

Using Gabrielle Roth’s unique spiritual practice and techniques, Nadine Fiume will guide us through Waves™ where we will explore the dynamic practice of the Five Rhythms™ - flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, stillness. Waves™ gives us a rhythmic map, a way to understand the cadence of culture and the tempo of our relationships. This cathartic form of ecstatic dance is a workout for body and soul - a moving meditation with live drum accompaniment (Lara Gonzalez and guests!) as well as carefully selected recorded music. Come together to dance and sweat!

About Nadine: Ms. Fiume has been studying extensively with Gabrielle Roth for the past 4½ years and is currently in Gabrielle’s Teacher Training Program. As part of this training she is inviting friends and newcomers to explore movement as meditation.

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