Welcome to our shop.

We have many items to delight and enlighten.

Handmade chalices, books of handmade paper, crystal balls, even delicious salsa!


We have many Native American items, including flutes made by Coyote Oldman.
We have drums, rattles, and many books on Native American culture.


Our jewelry counters are overflowing with interesting items, -- many made by local artists.
Other items imported from all over the world.
We carry a large variety of amulets and charms -- and designs that can be created to your specifications.


We have an ever growing collection of tarot cards and books, and
we are always happy to order any specific tarot deck or book you are looking for.


This is a peek at some of our books (there are more around the corner that you can't see here!).
We also carry beautiful candles and candle holders (as seen on the table).



These are wind chime bells made for us by a local artist.

There are many more items coming in every day,
so please stop by and take a look.
We'd love to see you.

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Photos by
Susan Walenta Hunt
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